1. Scope of Application

These Terms & Conditions govern Hotel Accommodation Contract for the use of services (hereinafter called the Contract) between ICHINICHI (hereinafter called ICHINICHI) and the Guest.

2. Application and Conclusion of the Contract

When applying for an application for contract, the Guest must give particulars, these include:

  • ・ Name and contact details of the Guest
  • ・ Date of accommodation
  • ・ Intended check-in/ check-out times
  • ・ Any other information that may be required for stay

The contract shall come into force upon ICHINICHI acceptance and confirmation of submitted information.

3. Refusal of Contract /Cancellation of the Contract by ICHINICHI

ICHINICHI may refuse the conclusion of the contract in any of the following cases.

  • 1. When ICHINICHI is fully booked and no rooms are available.
  • 2. When ICHINICHI is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities, maintenance of the facilities or other unavoidable causes.
  • 3. When the Guest seeking accommodation is deemed liable to act in violation of public morals, or conduct their selves in a disorderly manner.
  • 4. When it is obviously acknowledged that the Guest is an infectious case.
  • 5. When the Guest is heavily-intoxicated. This applies even after Check-in.
  • 6. When the Guest speaks or acts in a manner that is deemed an annoyance to other guests.
  • 7. When the Guest seeking accommodation is a member of, or involved with, gang organizations, crime syndicates or any antisocial groups. ICHINICHI will not charge the Guest for any of the services in future during the contractual period which he/she has not received.
4. Cancellation of the Contract by the Guest

The Guest may cancel the reservation by notifying ICHINICHI. Intended check-in/ check-out times when the Guest fails, without giving proper notice, to arrive at delayed latest check-in time, ICHINICHI may treat the reservation as being cancelled by the Guest.

5. Registration

The Guest shall register the following particulars at the front desk of ICHINICHI on the day of accommodation; Name, age, sex, address and occupation. For non-Japanese; nationality, passport number, port and date of entry into Japan;
Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel.

6. Business Hours & Hours of Stay

Even though ICHINICHI offers 24hours of service, the front desk opening times are limited and guest must checking-in and checking-out within the specified time. In case extended hours of stay, the guest will be charged by the hotel. The time is subject to change without notice.

7. Liability

ICHINICHI shall compensate the Guest for damage if ICHINICHI has caused such damage to the Guest in the fulfillment of the contract. However, the same shall not apply in cases when such damage has been caused due to reasons for which ICHINICHI is not liable. ICHINICHI complies with Fire Service Act certified by the Fire Department.

8. Handling of Goods Deposited / Storaging Luggage or Belongings of the Guest

Please use the security box to store your valuable belongings(only dormitory type rooms). You are responsible for the safety of your valuables. After check-out, when a luggage or personal belonging were to be left behind, we will store your luggage for 3 days including the day the luggage was found, but thereafter we will either destroy them or send them on to a suitable organization.

9. Liability of the Guests

The Guest shall compensate ICHINICHI for such damage as may be caused by intention act or negligence on the part of the Guest.